Chuck e cheese coupons

Just found some cool Chuck e cheese coupons for 2017 and wanted to share. I am pretty sure most of you have kids that love to eat at Chuck e cheese. Most of these coupons come out monthly, but you can always sign up to get it on your email/smartphone. One other thing I love about Chuck e cheese is that they always surprise us/our kids with new coupons in children’s DVD’s (got one yet?). You could find coupons for free tokens (no purchase required). But now back to coupons:

Discover the latest June 2017 Coupons.
Expires 30 June 2017. Until 1 July 2017. Or even more.

  1. $19.99 deal – large pizza + 2 soft drinks + 20 tokens (one friend of mine favorite)
  2. $29.99 deal – large pizza + 4 soft drinks + 60 tokens (my husband favorite)
  3. $39.99 deal – large pizza + 4 soft drinks + 90 tokens (my favorite)
  4. $1.50 off “all you can eat salad bar” + 100 tokens for $20 only + $2 off one large pizza + $1.50 off wings order + $1 off chicken nuggets + $1.50 off any sandwich.

Join their e-club to get the Rewards/Discounts.
You get 30% off discount + free tokens + member only deals/coupons, etc.

Now Win Free Tickets at Chuck e Cheese. Now you play online and win double tickets to use in-store.
Expires 30 June 2017. Until 1 July 2017.

Find a restaurant close to you here – restaurant store locator.

Print August 2013 Chuck e cheese coupons here.

  1. Print $5.49 only all you can eat salad bar + $4.29 only cheesy breadsticks + $7.49 only buffalo wings + $2.00 off any large pizza.
  2. Print 100 tokens for $20.00 printable coupon.
  3. Print 4 printable coupons: $19.99 menu or $24.99 menu or $31.49 menu or $36.49 menu; (here is what the menu contains for each: $19.99medium pizza and 2 soft drinks and 35 tokens and one topping pizza; $24.99large pizza and 3 soft drinks and 45 tokens and 1 topping pizza; $31.49 large pizza and 1 topping (I always get pizza with topping) and 4 soft drinks and 75 tokens and another all you can eat salad bar. I always choose the big ($32.99 one) because I have a big family and we eat  a lot. Gotta love these printable coupons. You also get a $37.49 menu with – 1 large/1 topping pizza + 4 soft drinks + 80 tokens.

Print/Get $19.99 for one medium pizza + 2 soft drinks + more Coupon.
Just found the deal via!

Found some more Chuck e Cheese coupons on our Google+ page.

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Cool Cuts for kids coupons

Looking to download a new $5 printable coupon for Cool Cuts for Kids? Looking to save money at your next visit at Cool Cuts for Kids? There are plenty of ways to get coupons: sign up to their rewards, their blog (they usually have coupons there) and various booklets/newspaper coupons.

The only way to get coupons is to sign up.
10% off haircare products coupon + 20% off retail + more coupons if you get points. It seems the rewards program ended on 1 July 2014. But you will continue to receive coupons via email if you sign up to their club.

Print/Get BOGO 50% OFF from Cool Cuts for Kids.
Updated – 6 February 2016.
Expires 30 April 2017.

Get 20% OFF for certain products for Cool Cuts for Kids.
When you buy a $2 gift.
Expired 1 January 2015.

Download Here $5 off $11.95+ Service Coupon.
Expired 28 February 2013. Can be used only once. Have you signed up yet (to receive new coupons when available?).

Find a Cool Cuts for kids near you and be happy!


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Gifts to grow codes

We want to create a huge database with the latest Pampers Gift to Grow codes. Will you help us? In the meantime we will make sure to update and keep this page as updated as possible. We want to help because we know how important is saving in your life.

You already know that Pampers reward program is called Gifts to Grow. The easiest way to use your code is to enter is here: can join here (but only with one account):

Now, to the codes:

New code for 20 points – C4M8T4YFRDM2015
Expired 30 April 2015.

New code for 10 points – FBNY213EJFARY14
Expired 5 January 2014.

Additional points list (test it out yourself):

GIFTSTOGROW4MOM – 50 points.

GTGWELCOME10PTS – 10 points.

2BEGINEARNING50 – 50 points.


CONGRATS2NEWMOM – 10 points.

JOINNOW4REWARDS – 10 points.

WELCOME2VILLAGE – 10 points.

For March 2017.

Do you know more Gifts to grow codes? Please leave us a comment with the code. Also, share the codes via Facebook to help other moms save money. Thanks!


New printable coupons:

Gerber coupons

There are plenty of places where you get Gerber coupons for March 2017. Either from Target Coupons, either from and various magazines/SS Inserts and many other places. So let’s get started:

Gerber good start coupons:

Print $1/2 OFF Gerber printable coupon.
Expired 4 May 2014.

Print $1.85 OFF Gerber Good Start Coupon.
Coupon Network is now closed!

Print 10% OFF Gerber Baby Food printable coupon.
Expired 10 August 2013.


There are plenty other ways to save at Gerber. You can also get e-coupons from here, keep an eye on their Facebook page, or even sign up to their website.

Make sure to be back soon! We post deals from time to time to try to help mothers save money! We all know that savings there and there are good!

Enfamil coupons

Do you need Enfamil Coupons? If you have kids, you probably know how important savings are. Let me tell you one big secret – You can save a LOT with Enfamil & Enfagrow coupons and we will update this article weekly/daily:

Get up to $250 in Free Gifts/Savings from Enfamil.
Probably for a limited amount of time!
You need to join the Enfamil family to get the deals.

Get $2/2 OFF Enfamil Reguline E-coupon.
Expired 31 May 2015. Maybe new ones in March 2017?

Get $3/2 OFF Enfamil E-Coupon.
You get a $3/2 off discount for Enfamil ready-to-use 6 packs only!
Expired 31 August 2014 (could be expired!)

Get $2 OFF Any Enfamil E-Coupon. Just updated!
Expired 31 August 2014 (could be expired!)

Print $2.99 OFF Enfagrow coupon.

Other ways to save at Enfamil: there are plenty other ways to save at Enfamil in-store. You can even get coupons from Ebay or from your local SS Insert (btw, there is a $3/2 Enfamil Formula coupon in the SS Insert from 3 March 2013). Also, there is one $3/2 Enfamil Infant Formula coupon in Publix Booklet. I guess they have one monthly or so.

Good luck to you with the savings!