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Looking for new haircut coupons for 2017? Looking for new Great Clips haircut coupons? Have you searched your Sunday Paper yet for coupons? Have you searched magazines? Even signed up to their e-club? Here are some more ideas to save a lot on Great Clips (altough they don’t have printable coupons):

Sign up to Great Clips and Get Discounts.
You get discounts/great stuff from Great Clips. Can’t be cooler! Their promotion are a lot cooler this month!
Expires 30 April 2017. Or more. Until 1 May 2017 or more.

Available deals:

See VALID/ACTIVE Promotions from Great Clips.
They usually have new promotions each month (haven’t seen printable coupons).
You could win free haircuts for an year + win a trip (both super cool ideas).

More ways to save at Great Clips: Sign up to their club + Buy “Enjoy the city books” + some Great Clips get competitor coupons which is cool. Comment if you know anything about it.


Go find a local Great Clips, take your discounts with you and be happy!

Good luck and see you soon!

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