Kentucky fried chicken coupons

From time to time I love eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken. What I love the most about these type of restaurants is that they provide coupons to their clients. This means a lot to me, probably a lot to you! Saving big at this restaurant makes me go back and back again! The food is great too!

Sign up to KFC Deals/Coupons to get Coupons.
All you have to do is to sign up – you get offers, deals and new stuff in your email/inbox. How cool is that? So easy to get the deals.

Print the latest KFC Coupons/Deals + 2 piece meal for $4.49 only coupon.
One of the coupons seems to be a 2 piece meal for $4.49. Wait for new coupons for your ZIP code after 30 September 2013.
Expires 30 April 2017. Until May 2017 or even more.


Now go find your local KFC, take your coupons (smartphone) with you and eat happy! That’s what I’ll do in the next couple of hours, once the sun is up!

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